The owner/director of PILATES STATEN ISLAND, Celeste Zopich, is a former dancer classically trained in ballet and Martha Graham technique. She studied and performed with the Clive Thompson Dance Company, and also studied under the direction of Ms. Ellen Tharp of the Staten Island Ballet. It was her dance background that inspired her love for Pilates. Celeste initially studied the STOTT™ method of Pilates and received her certificate of comprehensive training (all apparatus and mat). From that introduction she realized her personal desire to discover the origins and learn the method as designed by its creator, Mr. J.H. Pilates. Celeste enhanced her training through study either privately and/or in small workshop settings with Pilates 1st generation teachers; Mary Bowen, Lolita San Miguel, Kathy Grant, and Ron Fletcher. In 2005 she sat for her national credentialing examination and became one of the first nationally certified PMA-CPTs.

Pilates for Children and Adolescents, co-authored by Celeste, released in the spring of 2014 is now available for purchase by clicking here. It is the first comprehensive manual of guidelines and formal curriculum for teaching Pilates to youth.

Celeste specializes in “perceptive movement analysis.” With her unique ability to analyze how her clients move (or don’t move), through visual and tactile measures, she has been successful in advancing significant postural improvement, post-rehabilitative recovery, body shape changes, and overall wellbeing and health improvements. It can’t be denied that the improvements come through the use of the method and the genius of Joe Pilates. Celeste has been teaching since 2000 and calls her work the Integrated Classical Pilates Method (ICPM). The work is defined by the classical vocabulary with additional emphasis from contemporary methodology. Celeste teaches internationally and is also a Youth Exercise Specialist (NASM(r)-YES) and Reiki Master Level practitioner and teacher (RMT)!

As a member of the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA), Celeste runs her two studios and teacher training program according the guidelines set forth by the national, non-profit organization. All of her instructors are comprehensively trained and required to sit for the PMA national credentialing examination. Celeste had the great pleasure of serving on the Item Writing committee for the PMA, writing questions for the national examination in 2007. Celeste served on the PMA Board of Directors for 6 years from 2009 – 2014, serving her first year as Secretary and following years as Vice President.  She has recently co-founded a new non-profit organization with Brett Howard – the Pilates Youth Organization, Inspiring Youth for Life.

Celeste has been featured in various local news publications and has appeared on her local cable TV network in “Health Break”, during the acclaimed “Profiles” program hosted by Mickey Burns.

Celeste was the first natianally PMA – Certified Pilates Teacher ™ on Staten Island, and her studio boasts instructors who are also nationally certified PMA-CPT’s ™.