Taking your teaching to the next level. A mentor is someone to grow with. A mentor is someone who is able to see you where you are and where you can go. A mentor is someone to develop a working relationship that is special and specific to you. Mentoring is about skill development, personal development, and growth – your ‘journey’ as a teacher and individual.

Celeste is passionate about working with the individual teacher that is looking for a mentoring relationship to grow their work and themselves. Celeste has been teaching Pilates for over 15 years. Her interest is in taking the practicing teacher past the ‘repertoire’ and into the essence of Pilates – Pilates in the practice of the apparatus and mat environments and Pilates in life. How does the teacher convey this in themselves and with their clients and students? If we do not grow as individuals, we cannot grow as teachers. How do we find balance in the body through release of tension and overwork? How do we find balance in our lives through the work of the body, mind, and spirit of Pilates?

Celeste mentors nationally and internationally.